The aim of the study course is to develop students’ awareness of and enlarge their knowledge about functioning of the language in a society, the interaction between social and linguistic structures. In the framework of the study course, it is envisaged to acquaint students with the establishment and development of Sociolinguistics as a scientific discipline, the methods, questions and challenges of sociolinguistic research.

Learning outcomes.
Having acquired the study course, students:
• acquire knowledge and are well-informed to discuss and compare different approaches to the interpretation of theoretical sociolinguistic questions;
• know and name the main methods used in sociolinguistic research and explain their essence;
• understand and are able to explain the terminology used in sociolinguistic research;
• are aware and can explain the difference between the objects of micro- and macrosociolinguistic research;
• name, understand and explain various questions of micro- and macrosociolinguistic research.